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All Drone Solutions specializes in Precision California Agriculture. We are involved in research and development to determine how remote sensing can be used for the types of crops grown in California. Most importantly we have to do this with less inputs due to regulations and limited water allocation. Drone data¬†for growers in the midwest has proven to be very helpful in yield evaluations and data sets for variable rate applications. But here in California we grow over 400 types of crops and we do things differently than those elsewhere. All Drone Solutions and our ROAM system is truly in house and your data is processed right here in Exeter Ca the same day we collect it. Your data is delivered in ¬†hours….not days.

We fly purpose built sensors designed for agriculture use including a Micasesens mulitispectral sensor and a FLIR thermal sensor. These highly calibrated sensors when combined with soil compensated processing provide accurate and reliable results. Our drones will produce Thermal data will allow us to assist farmers and growers during these difficult times of the California drought.

All Drone Solutions can provide custom processing and data collection. For things like leaf analyses for leaf curl disease or Water Stress Index Maps from our Thermal Mapping system. We go well “BEYOND NDVI” for growers who demand actionable, quantitative and calibrated data rather than just a pretty picture.

Contact us today and let us help you grow smarter.

There are many other reasons to consider a Drone Service on your farm.

  • Crop Analysis
  • NDVI Images target plant stress
  • Tile and drainage inspections
  • Barn roof and silo inspections
  • Irrigation pivot inspections
  • Hail and cattle damage inspection for crop insurance claims
  • Scare off wildlife such as deer that are eating crops
  • Video check-ins for landlords